Wood Flooring for Staircase: Some Useful Tips

You need to weigh in a lot of factors before opting for wood flooring of your stairs. If you have kids, pets and elderly family members at home, this may not be a good idea from the safety point of view and you should much rather stick with carpet flooring, as a wooden staircase is a lot more slippery than a carpeted one. Think twice before you take a final call on this.


Once you have decided that wood flooring for your staircase is the right option for you, you need to zero in on the choice between a solid or an engineered wooden flooring product that would help in creating great staircase effects but that would depend a lot on your room conditions.

Wood Flooring

Your homework doesn’t stop at just choosing between engineered and solid wood flooring: The end result and the look should also be on top of your mind. This is important keeping in mind that if you have chosen engineered boards to fit into the staircase, the right nosing that matches with the floor will be needed to impart a finished look. However, if you have opted for a solid wood staircase, you will be spared from this hassle.

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