Wood Flooring in Orange County: A Climate Perfect Pairing

Wood flooring climate condition

Orange County is endowed with pleasant weather. Throughout the year people can be seen in shorts and flip-flops. Orange County never faces extreme weather conditions. Winters are mild and bright, summers are sunny. People enjoy the weather here, which is ideal for outdoor and recreational activities.

The climate in Orange County is mostly warm and pleasant, therefore people choose Wood flooring as a preferred home improvement initiative. Its installation requires adhesives which require a temperature of 70-80 degrees for drying and bonding. It can be possible during summers to get this temperature and beyond that with the help of air conditioning.

There are certain interesting facts about wood flooring in different climates worthy of your consideration:

  1. It can be done throughout the year. If you stay in a place which is mostly humid, then Autumn is the ideal time for wood flooring. In summers and spring, wood absorbs more moisture which might destroy your flooring. Autumn is considered best because the cool and crisp weather leaves little moisture for wood.
  2. Winters are not ideal for wood flooring at all. The reason is wood absorbs water, which gets dried during summer. Your floor appears swollen and is more prone to destruction.
  3. Wood flooring done during autumn minimizes the risk of the cupping effect. This is also one of the major reasons for choosing autumn for your wood flooring.
  4. Hardwoods are cool under your feet, which makes them a perfect choice for hotter climates. Damp conditions are not good for flooring, but you can use a dehumidifier. Extreme summer weather can dry out the wood, but high quality sealers can help guard against cracks.

It is evident from the facts that Orange County has the most suitable climate for getting your wood flooring installed.

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