Wonderful Tips to Protect Your Floor From Christmas Tree

Wonderful Tips to Protect Your Floor From Christmas Tree

Choosing and decorating a beautiful tree is a timeless tradition for those who celebrate Christmas. The meaning of the tree can be traced to pagan culture and folklore As you get into the holiday spirit, it should be noted that proper care is required; otherwise, the tree might harm your wooden floor. You can have a wonderful tree without any damage to your floor if you follow these steps:

  • Installation of Tree –It is the most important and the first step. If you do this step right, the rest will be easier. Place the Christmas tree in a tree stand and slowly fill the water reservoir. The needles under the tree should be swiped properly and place a tree skirt over your mat or blanket.
  • Tree Must be Shaken Well– Most trees from the farms are well shaken in order to remove the dead needles from the core. You have to ensure that these needles do not hit the floor and come under your feet. To avoid such a situation, you can place a bath mat or a folded towel underneath the trunk of the tree.
  • Nothing Should be Placed Under Tree Stand – Avoid putting stuff like a newspaper or a towel under the tree stand to soak the spilled water. If you have a wooden floor, displaying the Christmas tree for a week is not a feasible idea. If water gets inside the container or the stand, it can lead to mold growth, warping and staining.
  • Use Large Containers– Use a large plastic container which is larger than your tree stand, so that water does not go outside the container.
  • These aforementioned steps will ensure that your hardwood floor is well protected during the Christmas season when you have your favorite Christmas tree decor up at the same time.

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