Top Hardwood Flooring Trends That Will Rule 2016

Hardwood floors are all the rage in 2016. If you are keen on hardwood flooring installation this year, consider the trends of the year apart from your preferences. Some of the hottest trends involve color, simple patterns, and sustainability. Natural-looking floors will be preferred to other hardwood flooring options that may require more care and are more costly. Here is a list of all the hardwood flooring trends that will rule 2016:

Flooring Trends 2016

What Hardwood Stain Colors Are Trending?

  • Darker Stain
    Darker stains like espresso and dark ebonies are beginning to gain popularity. These colors are rich, deep and don’t show marks like lighter colors will. Hardwood flooring installation professionals can give homeowners an idea of what their home will look like with different shades of stains.

  • White Wash to Gray
    Some people are opting for a light gray or white washed look for both floors and walls. These colors tend to brighten a room, and allow furniture and accessories to stand out.

  • Light Blonde
    Light or ultra-blonde is emerging as another favorite trend this year. This color offers a more natural, neutral look to a room, especially if the furniture has wood accents or details.

What Hardwood Finishes Are Trending?

  • Matte Finishes
    Matte finishes do not shine, but instead look buffed off. The finish is not dull, just softened. Unlike glossy finishes that reflect light, a matte finish will absorb light.

  • Satin Finishes
    Satin finishes fall between matte and glossy. They do not shine like a glossy finish but have a slight sheen to them that is more reflective than a matte finish.

What Hardwood Flooring Styles Are Trending?

  • Wide Planks
    Wide planks and simple patterns are also becoming popular. Planks that are six inches or wider tend to give a rustic look, reminiscent of barn siding. Wider planks are sometimes used around a room’s edge while thinner planks are used to create patterns toward the center.

  • Sustainable
    Homeowners are looking for sustainable materials. Hardwoods can provide beautiful, long-lasting flooring that can remain in place for decades. Hardwood flooring installation professionals can suggest a variety of different types of woods that will work well in almost any design plan.

Select your favorite hardwood flooring from these trending options. Make sure to pick the hardwood flooring that complements your home interiors and your lifestyle, as well as what’s trending. If you are undecided about the perfect hardwood floor, consult a flooring professional for the best advice and complete flooring installation.

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