Top 3 Stain Resistant Flooring Options During Thanksgiving

Stain Resistant Thanks Giving
Thanksgiving is a very special day in every American’s life. This day is eagerly awaited and once it is over, it is celebrated with a grand dinner party. People indulge in all kinds of delicacies and mouthwatering desserts. The ambience is full of happiness and zeal. But the after party chaos on the floor is worrisome for many. Scattered food, spilled liquid etc. can leave stains on the floor or the carpet.

If you are considering new flooring before Thanksgiving, these are the top 3 stain resistant flooring options:

  • Laminate Flooring – It is well-known for being a low-cost yet the durable option. Laminate flooring has different variations. A laminate that comes with a coating protects the material from moisture and stains, which is why it is considered to be high quality and durable. It’s a perfect solution to the spilt food from the Thanksgiving dinner. It is completely anti-staining.
  • Hardwood Flooring – The look of hardwood flooring is aesthetically appealing. It looks very elegant. Besides, it comes with a professional seal which ensures its durability. It does not let the liquid affect the wood. The material is sealed at the factory, so that it can remain protected from liquid and moisture. It is very important to have a sealant as it protects the wood and does not let moisture and liquid spills penetrate through the wood to cause any damage. It would be a great flooring choice if Thanksgiving is approaching.
  • Tile Flooring – It is one of the best flooring options if you are considering it for your dining room. It is the strongest and most reliable flooring option. It cannot be damaged easily once it is installed. It can bear foot traffic for decades. Apart from that, the professional sealant rules out the possibility of discoloring or fading. And above all, the beautiful tiles will add vibrancy to your dining area.

If you are considering the flooring options mentioned above, you can enjoy a grand Thanksgiving dinner without worrying about the floor stains and damage.

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