Tips to Make a Plywood Floor Appear Like a Hardwood One

Make plywood looks like hardwood one

You might have removed your old carpet from the flooring, hoping to find restorable, vintage hardwood, but instead you just find a plywood subfloor. Or, due to other pressing renovations that need to be done in your home, you might be lacking the budget this year to pay for the hardwood flooring.

In situations like these, the best solution could be sanding and painting the plywood to make it look like hardwood. While the concept might seem simple enough, execution is the key to achieve the desired results.

Given below are steps you would need to follow to accomplish your task:

Removal of all fasteners and staples left over after the carpet is ripped off.
Sink any protruding screws or nails. Increase the number of screws that hold the plywood to the joists, particularly at the corner sections of the sheets. This needs to be done so that the squeaking and lifting doesn’t ruin the hardwood effect. Every nail and screw needs to be sunk a fraction of an inch into the wood so that you can use a filler to cover the head.

Gaps and Joints Need to be Filled
Epoxy wood filler should be used for filling up the gaps between plywood sheets. It would bond well with the wood and will also not crack; use a putty knife to apply it and before it sets, you should scrape off the excess. Lastly, use a palm sander to sand the sheets flat before you move to the other filling procedures.

Filling Up of the Wood Grain
For hiding the plywood grain, use dilute floor-leveling compound to spread it over the whole floor after mixing it well with the help of a drywall knife. Scrape it flat and allow it to set later.

Sanding the Plywood
You won’t be able to get the plywood very flat with a hand sander, and you’ll strain your back and knees trying. The ideal tool for sanding the plywood is an orbital flooring sander. Use a 100-grit paper first to remove the excess leveling compound and filler. More filler should be applied wherever needed, and again repeat the procedure with a 120-grit paper. In order to achieve the ultimate results, repeat the procedure again one last time with a 150-grit paper.

Painting and Finishing
To paint the wood grain, you need to use a rocking tool, but before you do so, paint on a base coat. The painted grain can be protected with a couple of coats of clear finish.

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