Tips to Keep Your Floor Safe from the Christmas Tree

A real pine tree in the living room is a wonderful addition to the holiday season. However, without proper care, your wood flooring may become damaged. Taking a few extra steps ensures that you’ll have a beautiful tree all season long while protecting your floors.

Christmas Decoration

  • Sweep Regularly
    When you have a live pine tree in your house, it’s inevitable that needles will get on the floor. Before you set up the tree, give it a good shake outside to dislodge loose needles. Then sweep and dispose of stray needles on a regular basis to avoid scratching and marking up wood flooring.

  • Pay Attention While Watering
    While you’re watering, make sure that you can see under and around the tree stand to reduce the risk of spilling. In the event that a little water does spill, you’ll be able to see the spill and get it cleaned up right away.

  • Avoid Placing Anything under the Tree Stand
    It may be tempting to place a towel or some newspaper under the tree stand to soak up water spills. This method would work fine for a few hours. However, it can prove detrimental to wood flooring when you’re displaying a live pine tree for several weeks. If the water becomes trapped under a plastic tree stand or other container, it gets held underneath it, which can lead to mold growth, staining, and warping.

  • Place the Tree Stand in a Larger Container
    Pick up a plastic container from the local garden center that is larger than your tree stand. As long as it is bigger than the tree stand and you don’t get water outside of the container. A larger container will capture any water that does spill out of the tree stand.

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