Tips for Adding New Hardwood to a Space with an Existing One

Hardwood floors are beautiful and very unique. Unlike carpeting, if a portion of the flooring needs to be replaced, another piece cannot just be put into place. With California hardwood flooring, several things must be taken into consideration.

Hardwood Flooring

Width and Thickness
When a section of hardwood flooring has been replaced, the new section must match in both width and thickness. The thickness of the wood being installed and the amount of sub flooring underneath will have to be accurately measured so the new section is flush with the old. Removing a piece of the sub flooring or sanding the top section down may be needed so that both sections match evenly. The width of the wood must also match and remain uniform throughout the new section.

Color and Species
The color and species of the wood is also important. Each species has a certain wood grain pattern and color. Some woods are darker, while others are very light. When replacing a section of California hardwood flooring, the patterns of both old and new must be similar. While color can be somewhat controlled by stain or varnish, the base color is still extremely important when matching sections.

Transitioning and Direction
Replacing sections of California hardwood flooring in adjoining rooms can lead to difficulties if the same type of wood cannot be located. To detract from the various differences, the direction of the flooring may need to be changed. Transition strips may be added to separate areas that have dramatically different wood patterns and color.

If a section of hardwood flooring needs to be replaced, it is important to make sure the new flooring is similar. If it can’t be identically matched, there are ways to correct the issue and still have a beautiful floor.

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