The Most Sought After Flooring Type for 2015

Wood Tile Flooring

The flooring trends tend to change every year, season and year. As flooring industry specialists, at Mac Flooring, we believe staying at par with the trends of the industry and providing the best flooring service to our customers. We analyzed the flooring trends of the past year to stay in sync with people’s demands. Here are the details of the hot flooring trends of the year gone by:

Wood Look Tiles
Wood look tiles were the rage in the flooring industry in the past year. It was the most popular tile among all our flooring products. Wood look tiles were mostly in demand for remodeling the bathroom and kitchen flooring. Some people also preferred wood look tiles as a wall tiling option.

Wood Look tiles give an elegant appearance to your living area. They combine the dual benefits of water-resistance and natural wooden beauty. Moreover, wood look tiles are easy to clean, polish and maintain.

This kitchen flooring arrangement of wood look tiles is crisscrossed in a grid pattern. It gives your space a beautiful symmetry and wall of the kitchen while standing out with a darker shade to contrast. The biggest advantage of wood look tiles is that they can be customized in a variety of forms.

Wood Floor Tiles

This wood look tile flooring uses two contrasting colors to separate the height and also to segment the living area. These contrasting wood look tiles accent the floor and the living space.

Luxury Vinyl Plank of COREtec®
The luxury vinyl plank of COREtec® is a patented waterproof flooring product. It was among the top choices of flooring in the last year. This engineered luxury vinyl flooring combines the look and durability of luxury wood floors with the texture of cork floors. The affordable luxury vinyl plank floors of COREtec® are set to become one of the top flooring choices in this year too.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor

This Luxury Vinyl Plank of COREtec® gives a rustic look to your living space. The vinyl flooring gives the area a modern look and accents the wooden staircase too. The color of this floor also beautifully accentuates the white walls.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

This Luxury Vinyl Plank of COREtec® makes for a durable statement in your home. The polished burnt-wood accent resembles natural wood flooring. It gives a high-end appearance to the area while being affordable and easy to maintain.

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