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3 Inexpensive Flooring Ideas For a Living Room

3 inexpensive flooring ideas for living room

The flooring you choose for your living room plays a major role in how your space looks for you and your visitors. It’s also a big factor in how your home feels when you’re there with your family. When updating your flooring, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on materials, but it’s not always necessary.

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Tips to Make a Plywood Floor Appear Like a Hardwood One

Make plywood looks like hardwood one

You might have removed your old carpet from the flooring, hoping to find restorable, vintage hardwood, but instead you just find a plywood subfloor. Or, due to other pressing renovations that need to be done in your home, you might be lacking the budget this year to pay for the hardwood flooring.

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Which Hardwood Floor Is Best for You: Dark or Light?

If you are planning on placing a brand new hardwood floor, then you have picked the type of flooring that is not only timeless and durable, but will also look beautiful for decades.

Choosing between a light and a dark hardwood floor can be quite difficult. While picking one, you have to consider which will complement your home’s interior well. Both dark and light hardwood floors give an entirely different look to a room. Dark hardwood adds an element of contrast while light flooring shows less dirt. There is no one-size-fits-all for hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor

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