Summer Trends in Hardwood Flooring That You Will Love

Hardwood flooring is timeless, beautiful, and can tie a room together. They tend to be lifetime quality without needing constant upkeep. Also, there are nearly endless options when it comes to finding the right fit while looking for the hardwood floor for your home. But with summer coming up, you can take it to a whole new level by looking at these amazing and trendy styles.

Black Hardwood Floor

Black Hardwood Floors
Black hardwood is immensely popular for minimalist decor and interior design themes. It looks best with striking white walls or other stark, contrasting colors to truly brighten up a room. Black hardwood floors also tend to look more expensive than they really are.

Gray Hardwood Floors
If you don’t want to commit to completely black flooring, there is also the option of gray hardwood floors. This type of flooring still looks great with minimalist, glaring color-blocked interior designs but gray especially shines in kitchens and dining rooms with white and off black hardware such as cabinets. It serves as a perfect option to welcome summer in a little subdued mood and color.

Exotic Hardwood Floors
It is all about Tigerwood, bamboo, and Brazilian hardwood when it comes to exotic flooring types. All of these are viable options when it comes to something less traditional and can also serve as a unique conversation piece. Exotic hardwood floors look great in all rooms but can be greatly appreciated in the living room for everyone to see. The best part about exotic hardwood flooring types is that it doesn’t have to be immensely expensive to have it installed in your home, too.

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