How to Select the Best Flooring Option if You Have Pets

Flooring option for pets

Flooring is a key consideration for pet owners who are building new homes or renovating older homes. You want to select flooring that will hold up well under the wear and tear of a pet’s claws, but you also want flooring that is attractive and matches the style of the home.

The following tips will help you with the process of selecting the best flooring option for pets.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no single type of floor that will be a great fit for all pet owners. If you have well behaved pets that are always groomed and you don’t mind vacuuming every week, carpeting might be a great choice. If you have a large rambunctious dog and two young children at home, carpeting may sound like a nightmare. You must be realistic about your living situation and the amount of cleaning that you want to do each week.

Before you start looking for a pet-friendly flooring option, there are a few primary considerations worth remembering. Those are:

  1. Flooring should be resistant to scratches.
  2. It should also be resistant to damages.
  3. Pet traction should be there.
  4. Pet comfort is important as well.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you have to think about the best floor for your pets versus the best floor for the humans in the house. Tile may seem like the most obvious choice for a home with pets because it’s so durable and easy to clean. However, not everyone wants to live in a house with primarily cold, hard, slippery floors. You have to find a balance that will suit both the pets and the humans.

Tips for Keeping Pet-Friendly Floors Stay Looking New for Long:

  1. Regularly Clipping your dog’s nails, as their claws and nails can scratch your flooring’s surface.
  2. Quickly mopping up urine on the floor.
  3. Placing of a mat beneath the pet food bowls to catch excess water.
  4. Catching dirt and debris by keeping doormats at entrances.
  5. Annual conditioning of the floor, buffing every couple of years, plus other regular maintenance if you have chosen hardwood flooring.

Finally, regardless of the type of floor that you choose, it’s important to minimize wear and tear. Keep the pet’s nails trimmed at all times, place food and water bowls in a room with easy to clean floors, and position mats near the doors of the house to catch the biggest messes before they enter the house.

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