How to Prepare Your Room for the New Carpet Flooring

If you are considering new carpet flooring installation, here are some tips to help you make the transition from your old floor to a new floor seamless.

Carpet Flooring Installation

  1. Measure
    The carpet company from where you are purchasing your carpet will want to measure your home. This is to ensure that there is enough carpet to allow for the appropriate cuts. Before you order some carpet, it is important that a professional measures your home. Do not rely solely on your own measurements.

  2. Proceed with a Plan
    A carpet flooring installation plan is important. As the floors have to be cleared to make space for the new carpet, it is unrealistic to expect to move the furniture as well as install all of the carpet in one day. Therefore, it is important to have a plan.

  3. Budgeting
    After the floors have been measured, you will receive a quote for padding and labor costs, in addition to your carpet costs. Go through and make sure that nothing is missing and no mistakes were made. Once you are aware of your total cost, you can start budgeting for it.

  4. Clean Rooms
    You can choose to move the furniture yourself, or you can request the services of a professional. The company would take down the beds and move the furniture around to remove the old carpet and install a new one. Take your time and think before making a decision.

  5. Disposing
    Ask your installers if they will remove the old carpet and pad. Inquire to see if there is an additional cost. Make a plan to dispose of your old carpet and pad.

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