4 Ways to Use Carpet Tiles for Your Office Flooring

carpet flooring for office

Carpet tiles are easy-to-use and can make an office or work area look more professional. Regular carpeting can wear over time causing the floor to look old and dingy. Carpet tiles offer many advantages that will help to keep the office looking its best.

Create paths and aisle ways that aid in navigation. The tiles can also be used to set areas apart from one another based on activity and use...

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5 Inspirational Flooring Ideas to Design Your Farm House

An old farm house is the perfect type of home for a remodel project. With the right accents, your home can become a one of a kind showcase with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The flooring is the foundation to build from and there are several unique options for you to choose from.

choose your farmhouse design
Stone and tile flooring are the most durable and work well in kitchens and bathrooms...

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Why Bamboo Flooring Is Popular Than Hardwood Today?

bamboo & hardwoodflooring

Bamboo and hardwood flooring are both popular choices for homeowners. Both offer many benefits, yet each has a unique style and texture of its own. A person’s budget and their personal preference are normally the key factors used when making a decision between the two.

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Choose the Best Commercial Flooring Services for Your Gym

Working out at home is convenient and affordable for many people. However, it is important that you decide on the right flooring for your home gym so that the workout surface is safe. Choosing the right commercial flooring services will help provide less stress on your joints and also help guard against slipping.

Best Flooring for Your Gym

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5 Money-Saving Tips for New Flooring Installation

If you are planning on contacting a flooring installation company to help you with new flooring, there are some things you can do that will make the entire experience easier while saving you money.

Money Saving Tips for New Flooring Installation

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How Property Managers Can Pick the Right Flooring Contractor

The flooring you put into a building makes a big difference. Pick the wrong flooring and you’ll face big repair bills and unhappy tenants. Choose the right flooring and you’ll find that you’re saving money on repairs and cleaning and even filling vacancies faster.

However, finding the right flooring contractor in Orange County isn’t always an easy thing to do. Use this guide to help make sure you find the right one for your building and all of your project needs.

Flooring Contractor

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The Most Sought After Flooring Type for 2015

Wood Tile Flooring

The flooring trends tend to change every year, season and year. As flooring industry specialists, at Mac Flooring, we believe staying at par with the trends of the industry and providing the best flooring service to our customers. We analyzed the flooring trends of the past year to stay in sync with people’s demands. Here are the details of the hot flooring trends of the year gone by:

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Top Hardwood Flooring Trends That Will Rule 2016

Hardwood floors are all the rage in 2016. If you are keen on hardwood flooring installation this year, consider the trends of the year apart from your preferences. Some of the hottest trends involve color, simple patterns, and sustainability. Natural-looking floors will be preferred to other hardwood flooring options that may require more care and are more costly. Here is a list of all the hardwood flooring trends that will rule 2016:

Flooring Trends 2016

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Which Hardwood Floor Is Best for You: Dark or Light?

If you are planning on placing a brand new hardwood floor, then you have picked the type of flooring that is not only timeless and durable, but will also look beautiful for decades.

Choosing between a light and a dark hardwood floor can be quite difficult. While picking one, you have to consider which will complement your home’s interior well. Both dark and light hardwood floors give an entirely different look to a room. Dark hardwood adds an element of contrast while light flooring shows less dirt. There is no one-size-fits-all for hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor

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5 Predicted Home Décor Trends for the New Year

Trends in home décor are ever changing. With the New Year, many home interior professionals are predicting a few variations on old standards. Many have stood the test of time while others are experiencing a rebirth of sorts. From flooring to wall coverings and furniture styles, the newest trends seem to be catching on quickly.

Home Décor Trends

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