Luxury Vinyl: The Latest Flooring Trend to Upgrade Your Home

Vinyl flooring
With the help of new technology, flooring materials have been metamorphosed over the years. As per the latest trends in flooring- carpeting has become softer, wood is getting rougher and vinyl has become catchier and trending. Any kind of flooring be it wood, tile and ceramic are very expensive and provide less comfort. Vinyl is more reasonably priced and provides more comfort than other flooring options.

It became popular in the mid 20th century and is still evolving. Due to its long durability, a lifetime warranty is offered by many companies. Patterns and textures are available in previous versions as well in the creatively appealing versions. These are available in wide varieties of colors as well. One of the main benefits of vinyl tiles is that it’s easier to cut vinyl tiles and install than real tiles.

Types of luxury vinyl flooring:
It is available in a wide variety of products which includes – sheets, tiles and planks.

  • Sheet- This option is the best suited for places where moisture content is high like bathrooms. These are expandable, between 6 -12 feet.
  • Tile- Tiles are the best options available when you need a marble like look. Its installation is quite easy and gives quite a creative look.
  • Plank- You can go for plank luxury vinyls if you want a wooden look for your flooring.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring:

  • Provides softer surface compared to tile or wood.
  • Available in varieties of colors and designs. Some imitate stone and wood planks so well that it becomes hard to identify whether it’s a vinyl floor or the real thing.
  • It is very easy to install and does not require much efforts compared to other flooring options.
  • Known for its long durability.
  • It can be installed directly over the subfloor and does not require the demolition
  • It can be installed directly over the subfloor and does not require the demolition.
  • Barely any maintenance is required. To keep it clean, you can sweep and mop it occasionally.

Luxury vinyl flooring has emerged as the most sought after flooring option and is inexpensive, more durable and aesthetically appealing too. No wonder why people are going crazy for it.

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