Indoor and Outdoor Flooring: Bring the Outside In

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Many people are being more creative with their flooring options. Instead of sticking to the old stand-bys, many are opting for outdoor flooring options inside their home. These options are easy to clean, extremely durable, and add a whole new dimension when it comes to creativity.

Cement that is smoothed over and sealed or painted is an extremely convenient option for kitchens and other living areas. It requires very little upkeep and is water and stain resistant once it has been properly sealed and painted. Apart from everything else, it gives an unconventional and unique look to your kitchen.

Stones can provide a unique touch to bathrooms, entry ways, and kitchens. Anywhere there is a chance of moisture or dirt, stone will quickly camouflage it until it is cleaned up. When a stone floor has been properly sealed, it is extremely water resistant and can last for several years with little to no care except for a good cleaning on occasion.

Tiling is ideal for all areas of the home. Whether it is made of stone, ceramic, or other material, it makes a rustic statement when used inside the house. If the home has an excessive amount of wood paneling, stone tiles can make a dramatic statement.

Artificial Turf
Artificial turf is a unique option that many people are putting in basements and other living areas. It can be swept and vacuumed just like regular carpet and will withstand years of use. Men often put artificial turf in their dens or play rooms just to have a more natural look that reminds them of the outdoors.

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