Important FAQs on Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Important FAQs on Hardwood Floor Refinishing

As we all know, hardwood floors are very popular amongst homeowners. It may be due to the various benefits hardwood floors offer. It is very important to maintain hardwood floors in order to retain their looks and durability.

Refinishing your hardwood floor is the answer to all these problems. There are plenty of flooring contractors who can help you with all your flooring needs. But before refinishing your hardwood floor, it’s important to understand as much as you can about the process. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that can help:

How much time does hardwood floor refinishing take?

It depends on the kind of polyurethane you choose- oil based or water based. If it’s the oil based one, then more time will be needed, say 3-4 days plus drying time. Water based polyurethane will be quicker, around 2 days.

What will happen to my hardwood floors covered with vinyl, tile, laminate and carpet?

Flooring contractors remove and haul away whatever flooring material is covering your hardwood floor and repair the exposed hardwood for restoration.

What’s the solution for lots of dust while sanding the floors?

There are two solutions for this messy process. According to the first standard process, the dust gets accumulated in a vacuum bag and then the flooring expert vacuums between each coat and adds plastic to every area left undone as well.

In the second option, dust is extracted with a vacuum suction tube. No option is 100% dust free, but this still takes care of 90-95% of the dust.

Is it possible to change the color of the hardwood?

Yes, it is. The color can be changed from light to dark or dark to light or anything in between.You can click here for a full explanation of color change of the hardwood floor.

When can you walk on the floors?

Normally, you can walk on your floors 24 hours after applying the final coat. You should roam around wearing socks for the next 24-48 hours.For further information, please refer here.

The FAQs mentioned above answer some important questions about hardwood floor refinishing. If you still have more questions, you can contact Mac Flooring Inc.

Mac Flooring is a leading flooring contractor in Aliso Viejo, California. We are experienced and adept enough to handle all your hardwood floor refinishing issues. For more information, call us at (949) 600-7779.

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