How Floors Can Help You Fight Germs

The floors in a home can harbor some of the worst germs. Not only do they hold the germs from inside the home, they also collect germs that are brought in from the outside. Pet and animal waste can be tracked into the home, resulting in a both bacteria and parasites that can be transferred to various surfaces. If you are renovating your home, making the right flooring choices will help you to reduce the amount of germs your home hosts.

flooring germs

The Dangers of Old Flooring

Removing old flooring is one of the fastest ways to reduce your exposure to germs. Cracks and crevices can hold dirt and germs even when you clean with strong chemicals. As flooring materials become worn, they allow moisture and germs to work their way deep underneath, making it almost impossible for cleaning chemicals to reach them. The bacteria can actually become airborne and spread quickly throughout the home.

Different Types of Flooring

Most types of flooring are safe once they are installed and sealed properly. Sealing the floor with polyurethane will prevent germs from hiding in cracks, crevices and recessed areas. With proper cleaning, germs won’t be able to find a safe haven. The right type of cleaning supplies will kill the germs as they come in contact with the floor’s surface.

Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners that have antibacterial agents in them will help to keep the floors clean and germ free no matter what type of bacteria is tracked in from outside. These types of cleaners will also help to keep regular types of household bacteria and germs under control.

The right type of flooring, proper installation and antibacterial cleaning solutions will help keep your entire floors germ and bacteria free. It will also improve your home’s air quality.

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