Find the Right Flooring at the Right Price in Orange County

Find the Right Flooring at the Right Price in Orange County

As we all know, flooring is an essential part of home décor. People in Aliso Viejo are very particular about choosing the right flooring option either for their home or office. At times, people get confused as there are many flooring options available such as carpet flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring and tile flooring. For the elegant improvement in your décor, you must choose the one which suits you the best.

While selecting the flooring, it’s important to consider both visuals and cost. You should consider each and every type of flooring with your budget in mind. This article will give a fair idea of the cost range of various flooring options in Orange County, so you can make the right choice at the right price.

  1. Carpet Flooring –It’s a great flooring choice for those who want to give their décor a royal and elegant look. Its price is determined based on square foot or square yard. Many people think that converting the price from square yards to square feet is very difficult,but actually, it’s not. All you have to do is divide the price of yard per square by 9 and you will get the price in square feet. For example, if the price is $27 a yard, the price per square foot is $3. The average price for carpet flooring is $2 per square foot which increases with quality. The price for middle grade carpet ranges from $3 to $4 per square foot which shoots up to $5 per square foot for designer and higher grades.

  2. Hardwood Flooring –Apart from the attractive looks, hardwood flooring is known for durability and affordability. That’s the reason why people prefer it. The cheapest one starts at $2 per square foot and the premium, high end one starts at $30 a square foot or even higher for the hardwood flooring.

  3. Tile Flooring – Tile flooring is also a highly demanded flooring option in Orange County. Some of the reasons for its popularity include:
    • Low maintenance
    • More durable
    • Infinite colors and styles

    Normally the cheapest one comes for $1 per square foot and the best one for $25. Glazed ceramic tiles cost $1 per square foot while granite, porcelain and marble tiles come for $2 a square foot.

  4. Laminate Flooring–It resembles the look of real hardwood floor. It is easy to install, environment friendly, scratch-resistant, and durable. These are some of its key features which make it very popular. Its cost completely depends on the quality and the patterns. Normally the price of basic wood laminate is $1.45 per square foot while embossed laminate costs $3.99 per square foot. You might get a discount when purchasing large quantities.

  5. The price range may vary a little from store to store, but the costs mentioned above should give you a fairly accurate estimate of the costs needed to plan your flooring budget and home decor accordingly. It will definitely help people making the right flooring choice.

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