Fall-Prevention: Flooring Tips for the Safety of Your Home

Over half the falls that result in trips to the emergency room each year occur inside the home. With the different types of flooring available and a few extra measures, you can make your home a lot safer.

While falling can’t always be prevented, the following tips will help make them less likely.

Prevent Slippery Flooring

Danger Areas
The majority of home falls happen in areas where water or other slippery substances tend to accumulate. While the ideal solution is to attempt to prevent these things from getting, or remaining, on the floor, that isn’t always possible. The areas that tend to have slippery substances the most are kitchens, bathrooms, garages and decks.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Washing dishes and preparing meals often result in water splashes and dropped food. Add kids to the mix and the chances of a slippery mess increase. Kids love playing in the tub and this often results in water splashed on the floor. In these areas, rugs that quickly absorb water can be life-savers. There are also non-slip tiles that look great and reduce the chances of your floors becoming hazardous.

Most decks are wood. As wood ages, it collects a multitude of environmental debris. Make sure you regularly sweep your deck and look into special non-slip coatings that will help to make the deck safer.

Oil changes, transmission and brake fluid, muddy boots and the like make the concrete floors of garages one of the most dangerous areas in your home. Keeping a bag of kitty litter handy will help absorb spills. As an extra precaution, add any one of the variety of non-slip strips or paint that are made especially for concrete.

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