Dark vs Light Hardwood Floors: Pros and Cons Compared

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a timeless, durable flooring option that looks beautiful for many decades. Whether you’re building a brand new home or renovating an older home, hardwood is a great choice. One of the biggest questions that people face when purchasing hardwood floors is light vs dark. Consider both options in full so that you can make an educated decision.

There is no one size fits all option for hardwood floors. Some people simply prefer the aesthetic of light flooring while other people really love dark flooring. As you weigh varying finishes, think about the style of your home, how often you clean, and how much traffic the floors receive. Be honest about your personal preferences and what will work best for your home.

Here is a list of common queries and concerns that you might like to get addressed while making a choice between a light and a dark hardwood floor:-

What Are the Benefits of Installing Light Or Dark Hardwood Floors?
The benefits hardwood flooring installation at your home or office, irrespective of your choice between a dark or light color for them, include factors such as durability, value and affordability, space and style, air quality and cleanliness, etc.

How to Choose an Area for Dark or Light Hardwood Floors?
Dark or light flooring provides totally different looks: therefore, you should weigh your options carefully before choose the right or wrong flooring for your house. While dark flooring provides contrast that’s dramatic with light interiors, such floors also show the dirt. At the same time, a light flooring in light interiors wouldn’t be your preferred choice.

Which Decor I Should Use With Dark or Light Wooden Floors?
Just like your your walls, flooring acts as a blank canvas for the entire room, setting the tone for the latter. While choosing wood flooring, you can take a cue from your current walls, finishes and furniture to choose a flooring complimenting these colors.

Which Costs More – Dark or Light Hardwood Floors?
In general darker colors are a bit lighter on your pockets, while if you are flush with cash, lighter colors would work better.

Which Shades of Wood Are Best If You Have Pets?
Hardwood flooring, in general, is not recommended if you are having pets: however, if you are insistent, it’s better to go with engineered hardwood. If your pet actually scratches through the finish, planks having a thick veneer will help. You will need to sand and refinish a few times if the top layer is thick.

Which Color Goes Best With Your Kitchen Cabinets?
While many white, black and colored kitchen appliances are available in the market, stainless steel still continues to be a highly preferred choice. This is without doubt a reason dark and deep paint colors are increasingly becoming popular for kitchens.

Making a home too dark is a big concern for anyone who loves dark hardwood floors. In general dark floors are a better fit for larger homes and homes with large rooms, open floor plans, and lots of windows. If you’re worried about making your home too dark, think about pairing a lighter paint color with darker floors and adding overhead lighting. Selecting light window treatments and installing a front door with glass will also keep your home bright and cheery.

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