Choose the Right Flooring Option: Engineered or Solid Wood

Choose the Right Flooring Option- Engineered or Solid Wood

There are two types of hardwood flooring- engineered wood and solid wood. People often get confused between the two when it comes to choose the right hardwood flooring option. People have been often found asking which one is better. Both have their pros and cons. It also depends on different scenarios where either of them is suitable. Both are great choice for home décor and elegant improvement. Both of them are made of 100% real wood but there are slight differences in their construction.

Solid Wood Flooring – As the name explains, of the material used is solid wood. There are a variety of wood and different grades. It is incomparable when you are thinking of adding charm and beauty for an elegant and impressive home décor. In the US, oak wood is considered best for solid wood flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring – It is considered as a great and versatile alternative to the solid wood flooring. It is made of multiple layers of wood fused together under pressure and heat. Having gone through this process, engineered woods are insusceptible to humidity. It tends to be a more eco-friendly option.


Solid Wood Flooring – It is suitable for different sections of your home. Such as, hallways which often accumulate wear and tear area due to the high traffic. Solid wood flooring is strong enough to bear the traffic and looks good for several years.

Engineered Wood Flooring – is suitable for:

  • Bathroom and kitchen as it is more moisture resistant.
  • Conservatories and basement areas as these areas are humid and the temperature keeps fluctuating.
  • Under floor heating areas as it is more resistant to excess heating.

For lounge, dinning and bedroom areas, you choose either as these areas have low traffic hence lesser wear and tear. It totally depends on your choice. There is not much price difference between these two options since there is a huge competition in the market. Both are reasonably priced.

The previous points will make the task of choosing the right flooring option easier for you.

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