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How to Choose the Right Wall Color that Matches Your Floor

wall color that matches your floor

Choosing the color for your room is a big decision as it greatly affects how your living space will look and feel. However choosing the right color that matches your floor can be an uphill task. That’s why we have compiled some tips that will help you choose the perfect color for your room.

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10 Investments to Increase Your Home Value

Home decor

An investment in property is always a good decision because housing prices are always increasing. It’s important to take proper care of your home to get a good return on investment. There are so many consultants in the market who advise people on various ways of home improvement to capitalize on the value of their home.

Very few houses are lifetime bargains...

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6 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Storage Space

It is everyone’s desire to have a large and spacious bathroom. But that’s not possible with everyone as most of the bathrooms are normally small in most apartments. The reason why bathrooms are smaller is that it requires only few things such as shower, toilet and sink to be installed. If your bathroom is very small, you can utilize the space in a smarter way to make your bathroom look bigger by following these amazing tips:

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Wonderful Tips to Protect Your Floor From Christmas Tree

Wonderful Tips to Protect Your Floor From Christmas Tree

Choosing and decorating a beautiful tree is a timeless tradition for those who celebrate Christmas. The meaning of the tree can be traced to pagan culture and folklore As you get into the holiday spirit, it should be noted that proper care is required; otherwise, the tree might harm your wooden floor. You can have a wonderful tree without any damage to your floor if you follow these steps:

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Best Interior Advices: Giving Your Home a Touch of Wizard


Home creates beautiful memories that we cherish for our lifetime. It’s a small world where we spent most of our time with our loved ones. For many of us it doesn’t matter whether it is small or big, but what matter the most are the lovely moments spent there each day. Every corner of our home holds a story, a memory that we are deeply connected with.

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Home Renovation: When and Why


There comes a time when changes need to be made. Once you have made the decision, the questions will begin. What is the best time of year to start a renovation? What are the reasons behind the decisions? Minor repairs or major overhauls? Should you keep it simple or upgrade? Ultimately, the decisions are yours to make and should be well thought out before starting any type of renovation project.

When to Renovate
Knowing when to make renovations ...

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Indoor and Outdoor Flooring: Bring the Outside In

Lilyfield House

Many people are being more creative with their flooring options. Instead of sticking to the old stand-bys, many are opting for outdoor flooring options inside their home. These options are easy to clean, extremely durable, and add a whole new dimension when it comes to creativity.

Cement that is smoothed over and sealed or painted is an extremely convenient opt...

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Perfect Flooring Ideas to Match Your Lifestyle and Home Décor

The floor is an important aspect that gives your home a unique look. It plays a major role in changing the look, feel and ambiance of your room. So it is essential to choose a floor that matches your lifestyle and home décor. Here are some awesome ideas to choose the right flooring for your home.

  • Living room beauty
    Enhance the beauty of your living room by choosing the floor that matches your interior design.
  • ...
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5 Inspirational Flooring Ideas to Design Your Farm House

An old farm house is the perfect type of home for a remodel project. With the right accents, your home can become a one of a kind showcase with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The flooring is the foundation to build from and there are several unique options for you to choose from.

choose your farmhouse design
Stone and tile flooring are the most durable and work well in kitchens and bathrooms...

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5 Predicted Home Décor Trends for the New Year

Trends in home décor are ever changing. With the New Year, many home interior professionals are predicting a few variations on old standards. Many have stood the test of time while others are experiencing a rebirth of sorts. From flooring to wall coverings and furniture styles, the newest trends seem to be catching on quickly.

Home Décor Trends

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