Carpet Care Tips for Cloudy August in OC

Carpet Care Tips

According to the weather reports, most of the days are going to be humid in the Orange County in the month of August. Humidity causes damp and mold which is not good for health and also damages your house and belongings. It can affect your floor as well. If mold starts growing on the floor, it will not spare your carpet.

Carpets protect your house from excessive heat and cold. They are good insulators of both cold and hot spells. Apart from this, carpets enhance the beauty of your house.

  1. Dry chemical cleaning– Unlike its name, this method is not a complete dry process because some amount of water is used, although not as much as in the steam cleaning. It helps in removing dust mites and molds, keeping your carpet clean and dry.
  2. Humidity Control – Most of the problems arise out of the humidity such as the paints on your wall and doors can be ruined. It also results in blisters and ugly bumps in the wall. If your furniture gets exposed to moisture, it starts decaying. To prevent all these damages due to moist, you need to deploy some humidity control methods such as dehumidifier. It will work not only for your carpet, but for the entire home.
  3. Turbo Fans – Another way of dealing with moisture is turbo fans. The motors in the fan heats the air to dry out the moist. It’s a speedy process which helps in controlling humidity.
  4. Moisture detection device – Moisture detection devices should be used to determine the level of moisture present in the carpet.
  5. Wood Flooring – Out of all the remedies available, wood flooring seems to be the best of all as it ensures greater benefits. It may seem costlier at the first instance, but actually it helps you save your repeated expenses on other methods. Some of its awesome benefits are:
  • Better quality wood flooring lasts for decades, whereas you have to replace the best quality carpets within 5 years.
  • Wood floors are easier to clean than carpets.
  • Wood flooringis more hygienic than carpets as it is less prone to molds and bacteria.
  • Wood floors smells good and has a timeless appeal.

Humidity no doubt harms the carpet, but if you follow these remedies, we are sure you’ll be able to save your carpet’s health in August.

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