Best Flooring Ideas for Kids

Top 4 kid friendly flooring options

A child’s room is a place for much activity, which you need to account for while choosing the right flooring option for it. The flooring should be able to stand up to constant use and still look great.

The following are some flooring options for parents who might be considering renovating/transitioning a room for their kids.

Carpet Floor
Carpet flooring is comfortable, soft, and forgiving and will protect your kid from bruises and bumps, making it an ideal choice. However, you need to keep in mind that frequent vacuuming and cleaning of a carpet floor is essential, not only for its best care and longevity, but also for maintaining the indoor air quality.

Bamboo Floor
A cheap, strong, and durable alternative to hardwood, the bamboo fibers can be fashioned into a very soft cloth. As a flooring option, it is more scratch-resistant and harder when compared with hardwood. Due to its sheer versatility in style, it’s a great option for any room in your house, including the kids’ room.

Cork Floor
Cork flooring is softer and warmer than any hard surface flooring, therefore making it an excellent choice for a kid’s room. One disadvantage, though, is that it is prone to water damage: therefore, you will have to keep this in mind if you are keen on giving a consistent look to the many rooms in your house with the same flooring.

Area Rugs
Area rugs can be a great flooring option for quickly updating and refreshing the design of any of your rooms. Apart from offering an endless number of shape, color and style options, they don’t even require you to call in someone for installation and you can change the look of your kid’s room in a very affordable manner.

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