Bamboo Flooring: A Green Choice for Your Home

Bamboo flooring is a viable option compared to other hardwood floors, and provides a green alternative. The cost of bamboo flooring is not as much as hardwood flooring. Bamboo is also durable and has more longevity.

Bamboo Floor

An Eco-Friendly Option
Bamboo flooring has recently become more available in the market. During the last decade, bamboo has been developed into a versatile product, which helps the Earth. Bamboo grows very fast, and can be harvested for use in 5 years. Many hardwoods like oaks require over 30 years before reaching their peak maturity. Also, bamboo provides more oxygen than a hardwood forest.

It is very easy for bamboo forests to meet the demands of the wood industry. Bamboo takes less resources to grow than regular hardwoods. This leads to a smaller impact on the environment. Bamboo thrives in warm temperature and takes advantage of the periods of heavy rain.

An Ideal Flooring Material
Because there is such a diverse variety of bamboo species, your new bamboo flooring will be unique compared to other types of flooring. The grains and fibers that make up the bamboo plant give floors a beautiful pattern and design. The fibers of the plant are flexible. That makes bamboo an ideal flooring material for your home. Regular bamboo floors are smooth and are able to take stains and sealers well.

Regardless of what type of flooring you are looking for, you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

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