7 Expert Tips to Give Your Home an Offbeat Twist

Are you tired of looking through catalogs and websites and seeing the same decorating trends over and over again? This year give your home a unique edge with one or more of the following design ideas.

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  1. Classic furniture pieces made of unusual materials. Instead of purchasing a coffee table from a big box store, you can make your own out of old pallets or you can turn an old ladder into a bookshelf /display shelf for picture frames.

  2. Modern metal fencing. If you like metal fencing but don’t want a palisade type fence, opt for a contemporary design with panels or slats. Metal panels are a great choice for homeowners in urban areas with noise pollution.

  3. Designer or custom drapes. Many people select plain white blinds or drapes without giving them a second thought. Instead of simply choosing something that blends into your existing decor, look for something that enhances it.

  4. Penny floor or backsplash. Pennies are an ideal choice for refinishing a bathroom floor or installing new kitchen backsplash. For more tips about custom flooring, consult your local flooring company.

  5. Personalized throw pillows. Custom bed pillows can take a decor scheme one step too far. However, custom throw pillows add the perfect touch to any living room or bedroom.

  6. Large scale artwork. Make an impression with a statement art piece, such as a floor to ceiling painted mural or a gallery wall that fills the entire space above the mantel.

  7. Flooring that showcase your interests. Keep your eye open for the trending flooring style that highlights your personality. If you are interested in home aesthetics, you can choose to install your floorboards lengthwise across the room. Be sure to run it perpendicular to your joist when determining the direction to lay your floor.

These ideas are sure to give your home a complete and classy look. For professional proficiency trust us to help you with quality flooring and unique design ideas that will make your home more welcoming to come to. Let us help make your dream flooring design a reality.

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