6 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Storage Space

It is everyone’s desire to have a large and spacious bathroom. But that’s not possible with everyone as most of the bathrooms are normally small in most apartments. The reason why bathrooms are smaller is that it requires only few things such as shower, toilet and sink to be installed. If your bathroom is very small, you can utilize the space in a smarter way to make your bathroom look bigger by following these amazing tips:

  1. Organize the Shower – If you keep your shampoos and conditioners in the shower, it will free up storage spaces in other areas. Go for a shower caddy which you can hang on the shower arm when you have few bottles only or get a tower shower organizer. You can easily reach out to them while you’re still in shower.

  2. Organize the shower

  3. Sink Space – Install a cabinet underneath a sink or replace the sink with one that has a storage cabinet below. It will save you additional space.

  4. Sink Space

  5. Toilet Area– Mostly, the area above the toilet is unused. You can make good use of this empty space by installing a cabinet unit over the tank.

  6. Toilet area

  7. Maximized Medicine Cabinet– Get the latest medicine cabinet which offers more space as well as features lockboxes for the storage of prescription meds. Some of these even have a towel rack and have shelves of varying heights to fit all your belongings.

  8. Maximized Cabinet

  9. Shelves– Install shelves a foot beneath the ceiling it will give you enough space to store various items. Make sure that the shelves do not obstruct door openings or light fixtures. By doing this they will add a good amount of storage space to your small bathroom.

  10. Shelves

  11. Toilet Paper Stand– Toilet paper is necessary for every bathroom but it consumes a lot of place if you start storing them either for bathroom sink or for some other place in the house. Best option to save space consumed by the toilet paper is toilet paper stand made of metal or wooden pole. It can be used for piling up individual toilet paper rolls.

  12. Toilet Paper Stand

Follow these tips to make your bathroom look much bigger and spacious. You will also end up creating more space for your various belongings.

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