6 Flooring Options That Won’t Upset Your Landlord

Renting a home or apartment can limit your options when it comes to flooring. Because you don’t own the property, it isn’t cost efficient to spend a lot of money recovering the floors. You also want to make sure that whatever you put down will be easy to remove so you can return the property to its original condition when you leave. A few floor covering options that won’t upset your landlord include:

Canva floor

  1. Carpet tiles – Carpet tiles are small squares of carpeting that can be laid much like linoleum floor tiles. They are easily taken up to be replaced or cleaned as needed. Carpet tiles are easy to install and can be placed over carpeting, linoleum, or hardwood.

  2. Carpet remnants – For smaller areas, carpet remnants can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of buying a larger piece to cover the entire floor’s surface. Carpet remnants can be placed over carpeting, linoleum, floor tile or hardwood floors.

  3. Rubberized flooring – Rubberized flooring is ideal for kitchen and bathrooms. It is easily cut to fit the dimensions of the room and can be cleaned with a wet mop without damaging the floor underneath.

  4. Floating hardwood – Floating hardwood is good for covering rooms with laminate or other types of tiled floors. The pieces snap and lock together and can be easily taken apart when you are ready to move.

  5. Canvas floor cloths – Canvas floor cloths have a rubber coating that makes them easy to clean. They can be laid much like carpeting and held in place by pieces of furniture. They can also be painted or decorated to match the décor.

  6. Interlocking Tiles – Interlocking tiles can get set pretty quickly and easily over the floor of the rooms. If you have enough money in hand and prefer more of a wooden look, you may try tiles having wood grain designs.

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