6 Best Flooring Options for Your Basement

With the exception of hardwood, you can install virtually any type of flooring in your basement. As long as the flooring isn’t going to swell or buckle over time due to the inherent moisture that exists in most basements, it’s a viable option for a basement. The following details six of the best basement flooring options to help you make an educated decision about the flooring for your upcoming remodel or renovation.

Flooring Options

  1. Concrete or ceramic tiles
    While concrete and ceramic don’t create the cozy family room atmosphere that many people want in a modern finished basement, they are the best options for waterproofing a floor. For the right home, concrete or ceramic offers a streamlined minimalist look.

  2. Linoleum
    Oil-based linoleum is highly effective at repelling water as long as you coat it with an acrylic sealer about once a year. You can get it wet without worrying about cutting or denting.

  3. Vinyl
    Vinyl is available in both sheets and tiles, is easy to clean, and is highly durable and moisture resistant. With a wide selection of finishes, it allows you to transform a basement space into the style of your choosing quickly and easily.

  4. Carpet
    Carpeting is an ideal way to make a finished basement more comfortable. Install dimpled polyethylene in between the concrete and finished floor to seal off dampness, preventing damp floors from ruining the carpeting.

  5. Laminate
    Laminate is one of the most durable, attractive flooring options available. With innovative designs and an easy to clean, moisture resistant surface, it’s hard to go wrong.

  6. Engineered wood
    Engineered wood is more stable and doesn’t come with the risks of shrinking and expanding that you’ll have with hardwood, thanks to the multi-ply construction. Choose from a wide variety of wood species, including both smooth and rustic textures.

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