5 Top Flooring Trends for You to Consider in 2018

Top flooring trends for you to consider in 2018

Your floors form a significant part of your home, so instead of repeating your old flooring, think about updating your floor to trending new materials in 2018. Without losing any more time, you should start looking for flooring trends for the swiftly approaching 2018!

The most anticipated flooring trends in 2018 involve exploring the prospects of innovative technologies, appreciating alternative and organic materials, and creating more personalized designs.

Here are the top 5 flooring trends for 2018:

  1. Green Flooring
    You will witness a revival of eco-friendly, organic materials like Marmoleum, linoleum, and cork. These are usually regarded as a commercial flooring material and are exploited to create desirable flooring for a clean, minimalist look with fresh patterns and forms.

    Being eco-friendly and resilient, cork flooring offers a fascinating, pulp-like wood design. It’s also quite low-cost, making it an increasingly popular pick for homeowners among flooring designs.

  2. Smart and Classy: Terrazzo
    There is a renewed interest in terrazzo tile because it offers a smart combination of natural and modern materials. Despite its long existence since ages, it’s now expected to be under limelight among stylish interiors with the evolution of epoxy terrazzo. Epoxy terrazzo offers a comprehensive selection of colors and happens to be less prone to damage.

    In certain ways, terrazzo is replacing cement flooring and it also offers a customized flooring look by providing the option to include numerous exciting materials like glass, marble and even metal.

  3. Personalized Hardwood
    Hardwood flooring trends stay reasonably constant, but over a period of time preferences for a reclaimed, old-fashioned hardwood look increased. In 2018 this trend will continue, as the focus will shift towards creating areas that merge rustic and contemporary components.

    There are various styles for creating a more individual feel in your home. For example, rustic-style planks coordinated perfectly with a matte finish.

  4. Vibrant Rugs
    There is already an apparent resurgence in popularity of carpets and rugs which will continue to grow in 2018. They provide homemakers the possibility to actually present strong design statements of particularly vibrant colors or bold patterns. Major color trends for 2018 include bright yellow, lime green, sky blue, cherry tomato red, bright purple and fuchsia. Handmade rugs will be in vogue due to their real uniqueness.
    Simple, contemporary interiors, complemented by rugs with added texture will also be popular.

  5. Ebony Wood Flooring
    Ebony can easily enhance the aesthetics of your home. It adds a classy, unique and truly rich appearance to the floor. The material’s durability can sustain the effects of dents very well. It also complements homes with lighter walls, vibrant rugs, and lots of windows.

Happy New year 2018

You can be assured that your ebony wood flooring is capable of providing you with the ideal backdrop to showcase your desired look.

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