5 Money-Saving Tips for New Flooring Installation

If you are planning on contacting a flooring installation company to help you with new flooring, there are some things you can do that will make the entire experience easier while saving you money.

Money Saving Tips for New Flooring Installation

Here are five things to consider before you call a flooring installation company:

  1. Make a Budget
    Set a budget before you get started, and make sure you stick to it. Always be aware of how much material costs, and get an estimate before you hire a flooring installation company.

  2. Know Your Requirements
    Consider your life style and the amount of traffic in each room. Most people have a mix of carpet, vinyl, and hardwood throughout their house, depending on how much traffic an area gets. Know what you want in each room before you start looking for a flooring company, that way you don’t end up buying a new carpet for the hallway when it wears out too fast or have to buy a large rug for your bedroom because the hardwood is too cold.

  3. Buy What Is in Stock
    Make sure the company from where you are buying the flooring has it in stock. Companies that buy in bulk are able to pass on considerable savings to customers. If possible, avoid special orders that require having supplies shipped to you.

  4. Check Warranty
    Check into warranties for both the material and installation. Most people only consider warranties for the material, but many installation companies also offer a one-year warranty on the work. This could save you money in the long run.

  5. Look for Discount
    Try to negotiate a discount for both the material and the labor. The more materials you need, the better the chance that company will be willing to negotiate a lower rate for everything. Some installation companies will be willing to give you a discount for putting a sign advertising of their services in your yard for a set amount of time.

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