5 Inspirational Flooring Ideas to Design Your Farm House

An old farm house is the perfect type of home for a remodel project. With the right accents, your home can become a one of a kind showcase with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The flooring is the foundation to build from and there are several unique options for you to choose from.

choose your farmhouse design
Stone and tile flooring are the most durable and work well in kitchens and bathrooms. Each comes in many different colors, cuts and shapes and will offer a unique look to any room in which it is installed. This style is the best for standing the test of time.

Hardwood floors are resilient and add a rustic feel to any room. The deep grained look of a hardwood floor has a pattern of its own, and with the right stain will stand out to give depth and texture.

Bricks are making a comeback as a type of versatile flooring. The deep red color stands out when used against lighter-colored walls. It must be properly installed and sealed thoroughly, but in the end makes a unique flooring option.

Softer than hardwoods, pine is lighter in color and takes stains and sealants extremely well. Although not quite as durable as its hardwood counterparts, it will stand up fairly well as long as it is stained and sealed properly.

Cork is soft to the touch, as well as stain and water resistant once it has been properly sealed. Its rich, brown color does not require stain, but must be sealed regularly to maintain its durability. Cork can withstand a variety of household trials and offers a warm, cozy atmosphere.

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