5 Great Flooring Ideas for Your Garage

Whether your garage is for storing your vehicle and outdoor equipment, or whether it has another use as an additional family room or den, it’s worth giving some serious thought to what’s underfoot – cheap flooring options that won’t break the bank are worth considering to give you value for money and the right surface for its main use. These five ideas will give you an excellent starting point.

Flooring Ideas for Garage

  • Dirt – your flooring option in its most basic form, and perhaps the most obvious option if your garage is more shed than comfortable and inviting den. If tinkering with your vehicle is a regular hobby, dirt flooring is a good option in combination with concrete areas to provide you with a solid work area.

  • Carpet – this might seem like a strange choice for a garage used for conventional external car and tool storage, and if you’re worried about petrol spills and mildew, it won’t be a sensible choice. However, for garages that are external buildings in name only, carpet is a good cheap flooring option for dens and playrooms.

  • Poured concrete – the most durable cheap flooring option, poured concrete is a good choice for a surface that is going to take a lot of wear and be used for outdoor work as well as housing your car or truck. Be wary of using mats and other surfaces on top of this as they can create a trip hazard.

  • Tiles – interlocking PVC or rubber tiles can be an excellent surface if you’re frequently working with tools in your garage, as they act as a shock absorber for any item you may drop.

  • Vinyl flooring – again, an ideal and generally hard-wearing choice if you frequently work in your garage, although damaged areas tend to need to be cut out and replaced.

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