5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options to Help You Go Green

Bamboo flooring option

Your floor is the first thing that your visitors notice when they enter your home. So the best place to start going green is beneath your feet. It will show that you care more about the environment and want a better world for future generations. You will find many eco-friendly flooring options that help the environment and look good too!

Here are 5 eco-friendly flooring options you can choose from:

  1. Bamboo Flooring
  2. A popular choice that offers an edge over other traditional flooring! Bamboo is actually a grass that is sustainable and easily renewed. It has the same characteristics as hardwood and is easy to install and maintain. Available in a wide variety of colors, bamboo flooring can be easily customized to suit any decor.

  3. Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring
  4. Add a classic and timeless appeal to your home with reclaimed hardwood flooring! If you love traditional hardwood flooring but want it to be eco-friendly as well, reclaimed hardwood is an ideal choice for your floor. It makes use of existing wood from the trees that were cut down a long time ago or wood that is recycled.

  5. Glass Tile Flooring
  6. A wonderful flooring option that comes with a wide array of colors and patterns! Glass tiles are environmentally friendly as they are recycled from old wine and beer bottles. It is non-absorptive, prevents mold and mildew in damp environment and does not stain. Glass flooring is easy to maintain and suited for most designs.

  7. Carpet Flooring
  8. A favorite and durable flooring material for your floor! Choose carpets that are made from natural materials like jute, wool or cotton that do not cause any harm to the environment. These carpets are easy to clean and can last for long. They are available in different patterns and colors to suit your home decor.

  9. Cork Flooring
  10. A relatively new and great material for floors! Cork is obtained from the cork oak tree by simply harvesting the bark. In order to harvest the bark, you do not have to cut down the tree and the bark can grow back in 3 years. It is fire-retardant, easy to maintain, and has anti-bacterial properties that make it a perfect choice for green flooring.

Keep these options in mind while selecting the flooring that best suits your style and budget and helps the environment too!

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